Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Running as a Family + Discount for the Sparkle Me Wild Color Run for My NC Peeps

Thank you to and Sparkle Me Wild Color Run for sponsoring this post. I was not financially compensated for this post. Free registration to the Sparkle Me Wild Color Run was provided in exchange. I genuinely love running so all opinions are definitely my own!

Ever since Jason and I ran the Color Me Rad 5k, we have been wanting to participate in more running events. My goal at the beginning of 2014 was to participate in at least 2-3 runs this year. Quite honestly, I would participate in more if my budget and time would allow it, and we have definitely been checking out all of the 5k events in our area, trying to decide which ones we would like to do.

Up until I actually started doing a little research, I had no idea just how often events like this take place.  For my NC peeps, the website for Endurance Magazine has a list of upcoming running events. I am pretty excited about the Bull City Race Fest and Food Truck Rodeo this October. It's a 1/2 marathon, 5 mile fun, and 1 miler, so there is definitely something for everyone.


Jason and I also want to share our love for fitness and running with our children, so we were excited to hear about the local Sparkle Me Wild Color Run. Although, we just participated in the Color Me Rad, a similar event, Jason and I enjoyed it so much, we knew this would be a perfect event for all of us to do as a family. We are so excited to get out there and have a blast!

Sparkle Me Wild Color Run will be held at the Wake Med Soccer Park in Raleigh, NC on May 10. Sparkle Me Wild is all about freedom, family, fun, being healthy, and most importantly, a beautiful life. Every once in a while we all need to let our inhibitions run free and get wild! Each step along the 5k will lead to color stations, sparkling glitter stations, and bright bling at the finish.

That's right,  everyone who crosses the finish line will receive a medal! How awesome is that?

Big, small, short, tall, all are encouraged to be a part of the sparkle parade! You can walk, skip, cart-wheel, jog (and yes, run!) or dance or way through the course and at the end, you will not be awarded on time, but rather your sparkling, carefree self as you cross the finish line!

And guess what?

All Six Cherries on Top readers get 30% off Adult Registration and Kids 10 and under are FREE! Simply use the code SPARKLE when you register!


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52 Weeks of Jason Wk. 15


I am playing a bit of catch up here since I was behind with everything that went on last week, so you will see two posts this week. 

I came across this photo I took of Jason and wanted to share it. Jason takes this uniform and his position in the military seriously. He is definitely a hard working man, not just because he has to support his family at home, but because he takes pride in defending our country. 

I can hardly believe that I get to call this hard working man, mine!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekly Wishes #19


last weeks wishes

Prepare Spring Break activities.  Fail! So much came up that I didn't get around to it. We were on the go so much that we would never would have had the time anyways. The kids did get to see Rio 2 though.

Health and fitness.  Considering the busy week, I got in more than I thought I would. I'm crossing this off only because I feel like you can never fail at health and fitness as long as you aren't giving up.  I did splurge a little with my clean eating during Easter though.
  • Eat clean - for the most part, until Saturday Easter dinner at my Dad's house. 
  • Drink 80 oz of water a day - during the week. 
  • Run 6 miles - I ran 4 
  • 100 push-ups for the week - DONE! I did 125
  • 200 sit ups for the week - I did 125
  • 300 squats for the week - I did 225
  • Work on pull ups - didn't get to it. I can only do this at the park because I don't have a bar.
  • Step out and move about - I was outside a lot but not being as active as I should have been. 

Read a book. I read A Fault in Our Stars and it was so good. I can't wait for the movie now!

Visit my Grandmother. Sadly, my Grandmother passed away this past week. I am just grateful I was able to see her before her passing and to let her know how much I love her. We buried her yesterday, Easter Sunday. 

Celebrate Easter with my Dad and Step-Mom.

Take Mackenzie to get her eyes checked.  She is now sporting a new pair of glasses and she can successfully completer her driver's education class.

Start a cleaning schedule.  Too busy for it. :(

Bible Study with the kids. We didn't get to Family Bible Study, but we did lots of praying this week before and after my Grandmother passed.

Finish Easter baskets.  Done! They were the cutest! I wanted to share them here in a blog post but I just couldn't find the time. I purchased a large terra cotta pot for each of my 3 youngest children and filled them with a watering can, garden shovel, gardening gloves, organic seeds to plant, bubbles, chalk, and some candy. You can check it out on my Instagram!

Mini Date with Jason.  It was simple all right! We didn't even get coffee like I had hoped. But, it was just nice to get out without the kids for a bit.

this weeks wishes

Get the laundry caught up.  I have seriously considered throwing it all in baskets and carrying it up to the laundromat. I just want it done! Some people feel like they can't function with dirty dishes in the sink. Well, for me, it's laundry. It gives me major anxiety to see a giant pile of laundry and yet, there always seems to be one around here.

Health and fitness.  I like this little system I have going so I am going to keep at it.
  • Eat clean
  • Drink 80 oz of water a day
  • Run 6 miles 
  • 100 push-ups for the week
  • 200 sit ups for the week
  • 300 squats for the week
  • Work on pull ups. 
  • Step out and move about

Read a book. I was going back and forth between two books I wanted to read next, but I think I am gonna just choose a book on my Kindle app first. I have a few books that I want to read but keep putting off.  This week I am going to just go with Gone Girl, another book I have had for over a year and think it's time to read before the movie hits theaters.

Help my Mom with my Grandmother's stuff.  It seemed so soon to be going through my Grandmother's stuff, but since she lives in an area that has had a few robberies, including her house twice, my mom, aunt, and uncle want to get a move on things ASAP. Since my relatives live in Georgia, it's not easy for them to make a quick drive up, so it's important to them to get it done. 

Start a cleaning schedule.  Let's try this one again! You either love or hate Flylady for cleaning. I personally love it and have been very successful with using the Flylady methods in the past. I purchased her book last year, which I recommend for starting out because the website can be a bit overwhelming. I would like to get back on track and maintain a clean home so that we can spend more time outside playing with the kids, instead of inside cleaning.

Bible Study with the kids.  Let's try this one again too!

Finish our Fairy Garden. We started a fairy garden with the kids last week. Ever since seeing the movie Epic, months and months ago, the kids have wanted to build one. We finally got around to it! Yeah, I know the movie isn't really about fairies, but that's what they call them.

The Nectar Collective

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mini Style | Yellow Balloons


Elijah has two sides lately... super happy or super grumpy! We never know which little person will greet us each day, so we brace ourself for grumpy Elijah and sigh a sense of relief when we discover it's happy Elijah. Today, so far, it's happy Elijah, and thank goodness for that. We woke up listening to music, dancing around the house, and just being silly, since Mother Nature is apparently having separation anxiety with Winter. We woke up to a finger numbing 32 degrees. But, it was perfect weather for this adorable outfit we just received from Carolyn over at Yellow Balloons


Elijah loves this monster outfit and hasn't wanted to take it off since he put it on! Carolyn is mom to one of my best blog friends, Audrey, from over at Classy Mustachey, and I was so excited when she told me her mom was opening her own shop of handmade children's clothes. I wish I had a pair of these Lil' Cowboy Boots when Elijah was an infant! And this Owl Swaddle Blanket is just about the cutest thing ever!


I love Carolyn's attention to detail on the custom made outfit she made for Elijah. Before making Elijah's outfit, she asked me about his style, his favorite colors, and some of his likes. She totally hit the nail on the head with this outfit since we have been calling Elijah our little monster since he was born. She even sent an extra little monster buddy that he has been carrying around in his pocket and sleeping with every night.

And let's just talk about this outfit! Check out those little knee patches, one with a monster! Is that not the cutest thing ever? Elijah has already been trying to decide what he is going to carry in that front bib pocket. Right now he is carrying one of his Hot Wheels cars around up there! Typical boy!

Carolyn started sewing as a young girl and has been sewing nonstop through the years, for her 7 children, and now her grandchildren. Everything is made with love, but she enjoys making custom pieces, adding colors and designs, to fit individual personalities. 

Head over to Yellow Balloons Etsy shop and check out some of Carolyn's other items, and be sure to favorite her shop while you are there! You can even receive 10% off your purchase right now by using the code SIXCHERRIES10 at checkout! And be sure to like Yellow Balloons on Facebook where you will find a code for free shipping!


Overalls: Yellow Balloons
Jacket: Tony Hawk for Kohls
Hat: Shawn White for Target
Shoes: Converse
Monster Buddy: Yellow Balloons


Our Holly Days

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