Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the good, the bad, & the ugly: 100 things about me | part 1: the physical side of me


i started this 100 things about me on twitter awhile back, before finally deciding to it here instead. then i saw a few other bloggers out there doing this on their blogs and decided to continue it here too.

i only got up to like the first 20, so it's not a total repeat of something i have already done. plus, this time, i am going to break this down into several posts with specific categories to make it easier to keep up with. it is definitely harder than you think to come up with 100 different things.

so, let's jump right in with the first few.

joni at arms length

1. i have green eyes. most times they look really green, but sometimes they look really blue and sometimes they even look golden. it depends on what i wear and the lighting.

2. i am only 5 ft. tall and hate it!

3. i wear size 7 shoe.

4. my natural hair color was blonde before i started dying it. recently i went back to my "natural" color and it is now brown. i suppose dying it all these years has changed it. either that or age.

5. i have 4 tattoos. yes, one of them is a tramp stamp. the others are on the back of my neck, my left ankle, and my upper right arm.


6. i have my ears pierced with 4 holes in each ear, but i only use one hole in each ear now. i make sure they don't close just in case i get in a mood to put something in them.

7. i used to have my belly button pierced and my tongue pierced too, but that got old quick.

8. before having kids my bra size was a 34B. now...DD. thanks kiddos!

9. my teeth are straight and i've never had braces, considering i sucked my thumb until i was in 4th grade.

10. i have a metal plate in my jaw holding my lower mandible together from an incident with my ex husband several years ago.

if you decide to do this too, please let me know. i would love to read your 100.

xoxo joni

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