Tuesday, January 17, 2012

free mustache valentine's day cards for kids


to be honest, i am quite sick of the whole mustache thing now. however, my girls are still in love with this little trend, so i decided to go with this theme one more time for valentine's day. needless to say, they are pretty excited, not to mention, i get cool mom points for providing my kids with one of a kind valentines to share with their friends. 

they are pretty simple, but you are welcome to download them for yourself as well and use them however you like. FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY, PLEASE.

click here to download the hi-res version of the pink card.
click here to download the hi-res version of the orange card. 
(right click on the image and save to your computer)

i also went hunting around for some of those sticker mustaches that can be worn. below are two places i found really good deals on sticker mustaches if you would like to invest in them to go along with these cards. 

i am thinking just tape them (or staple them) in place over the printed mustache. 

i would love to hear if you use these cards for your kids this valentines day. hope you enjoy!


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