Sunday, April 1, 2012

she got the part!


so, today is april fool's day, and i am probably known as the world's worst prankster, but i put this photo up on my facebook anyways. i told them all mackenzie had gotten a part on grey's anatomy and would be starring in the show this fall. let's just say, i had a few people. one person even said they were going to record it.  HAHAHAHAHA!

this photo was taken several weeks ago and the story behind it is much funnier than the actual april fool's joke and how i got the idea for the photo.

it was the day we took the kids to marbles museum and mackenzie was feeling a bit "out of place" because the museum is centered around a 10 and under age group. we had gone to give phoenix, tyler, and elijah a chance to get out of the house and play.

mackenzie just kind of wandered around all bored like until suddenly she disappeared and returned with this "get up" from the hospital play area. the first thing out of her mouth was "take my picture! i'm the new attending on grey's anatomy!" 

put this girl on tv! she's hilarious!

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