Wednesday, April 18, 2012

violet irises

when i first got these irises, most of them were yellow, with a few violet ones. now, as the years have gone by, and they have begun to spread, they are mostly just violet. i may get 4 or 5 yellow ones. 


if you don't have a green thumb like me, irises are the way to go. buy them from a farm that grows them or just find a friend that has a bunch to share. their bulb only grows a few inches below the surface of the ground and you could almost just dig down with your fingers and pull them up.

replant them where ever you want (just a few inches below the ground), and enjoy them year after year. you can even plant them in large containers. i have a some planted in old metal wash buckets and they look great. the best part is that over the years they will multiply. you don't have to do anything except let them do their own thing. 

go get some if you don't have some already. they come in tons of colors.

if you do have irises, what colors do you have or what are your favorite colors?

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