Friday, May 18, 2012

fat butt friday | an update and an app

Untitledi have actually gained 20+ pounds since right before thanksgiving last year. i know that i am at an unhealthy weight, but this dieting thing and i are just not getting along. i do really well for a couple days and then i just give up. 

jason took this photo of ryan and i the other day and i cringed looking at my arm. i realized my arm is as big as ryan's head and i immediately knew enough was enough. i know deep inside that i can do this, i have done it before and been very successful, but for some reason i have struggled to get my mind in the right place since elijah was born. i almost decided not to post this picture, but i knew that in order to keep my mind in the right place, i have to completely put myself out there. in this picture i am at my highest weight ever (aside from while pregnant) at 168.

i started weight watchers on monday and have done so well all week. i have even lost a few pounds already. monday, jason and i are going to start doing the insanity workouts together as well. insanity is probably not the best workout for a beginner to start with, but i am familiar with it (tried to do it last year) and i want to see results quick. a lot of people say that quick results are not the best way to lose weight, but seeing results is the only way i will stay on board with this. i know me, and i get very frustrated and tend to fall off the wagon if i don't have something to keep me motivated.

i could use all of your prayers and words of encouragement to as well. i will keep updating fat butt friday on my progress each week.


have you seen this?


i have been using the waterlogged app for iphone for about 2 weeks now and it has really helped me keep track of how much water i drink each day. 

it is a very simple app, not a whole lot to it, but i really like that i can take a photo of my own drink container and plug in the number of ounces it holds. as i drink my water throughout the day, i just plug in how much i have drank and i know how much i have left.


i have always struggled with getting enough fluids in my body each day. i just don't get very thirsty and forget that whether i feel thirsty or not, my body needs fluids to function properly. this app has been a great little reminder.

the version i am using is the free version but there is a premium version that allows you to graph your water intake. i personally find the free version to be just enough for me.

check it out in the app store!

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