Thursday, May 10, 2012

got a cell phone? here's a quick tip...

if you like to listen to music on your phone, then you will love this little tip!

i saw this somewhere but i honestly have no idea if it was on pinterest, or facebook...i just don't know, so don't give me the credit. i just thought it was such a genius idea that i had to share it with you.

Raise your hand if you were the genius who came up with this first. GET A CUP RIGHT NOW (plastic is what I prefer) and turn on the music on your phone. NOW, put your phone in the cup. Instant Speaker! GENIUS! (and if I am late to this little tip...dang!)

GET A CUP... it can be glass or plastic...i prefer plastic because i actually get some use out of my awesome carolina panthers cup, and it just suits my needs better.

NOW... turn on the music you have on your phone and turn it up, whether it is pandora or music you have purchased and loaded onto your phone.

LAST... put your phone in the cup.


i have been doing this non-stop ever since i discovered this little bit of genius.

want to listen to music in the shower? not only does this make the music louder and easier to hear, but it kinda protects your phone too (as long as you don't have it directly near the flow of water). i have a sliding shower door, so i have been doing this and sitting the cup up on the top ledge of the shower door.

i have an iphone, but i am sure this can work with any type of cell phone.

let me know if you try this!
and speaking of music, what do you like to listen to most?

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