Tuesday, May 15, 2012

top 3 tuesday - weight watchers

top 3 tuesday

since i am really trying to stay focused on weight watchers now, i decided to share some of my favorite "go to" links for points information and tips.

i used weight watchers after i had my oldest daughter mackenzie and got very familiar with how it works and lost a lot of weight using this system back then. of course, weight watchers got a face lift and is now using the points plus system, but after doing a little research, i familiarized myself with the new system and really have no need to join or attend meetings. that's really not my thing anyways.

however, if you have never been on a weight watchers program before, i strongly suggest you join before trying to figure it all out on your own.


i love that healthy meals can be created by adding in a serving or two of fresh fruits and vegetables, and that i actually feel full after eating. the zero pointsplus value food list is my go to list for all those "free" foods.

i no longer have to eat bland tasting foods with this list of zero points condiments, sauces, gravies, and ingredients. you will also find a few other unexpected zero points foods there.  

50 ways to make weight watchers work for you, has a lot of great tips and tricks that to help you get the most our of your daily points. some of them are no brainers, and some of them are just simple ways to keep weight watchers simple so you don't fall off the wagon.


anyone else doing weight watchers right now? i would love to know some of your best ways for staying on track.

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