Tuesday, May 1, 2012

we live at the ER

in december we had an emergency with elijah when he accidentally ingested his sister's medication, after she dropped it on the floor, and had to rush him to the ER. he was monitored for 8 hours and then released in good condition.

in march, mackenzie fell off of her bike and broke her right wrist and we had to take her to the ER. she received a cast that she wore for 6 weeks and is doing great now that it is off.

this past sunday, tyler hit the edge of our bar and put a gash in her head and had to be rushed to the ER also. they had to put staples in her little head to close the wound, but she was a super brave girl and doing awesome now.

At the ER with this munchkin. She ran into the edge of our bar and put a gash in her head. She is being so tough about it. #sixcherries #tylerashlynnA few staples in the head, some pain meds, and two cupcakes later, she is doing good. I am so proud of this brave girl. #tylerashlynn #sixcherries

we live at the ER.

nothing is scarier than your children getting hurt, and i have always been a paranoid mommy about so many things and felt like i was holding my kids back because of my own fears. but, as i am learning, we can only protect them so much, and things will still happen. we have to let our children explore the world on their own and learn from their own mistakes. we can only be there to guide them in the right direction.

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