Wednesday, June 27, 2012

beep, beep! who's got the keys to my...SLEEP?


sometimes getting a good night's sleep can be hard to come by.

six children are a lot of work. even when the older two boys are not with us, four children make for long busy days...especially when 3 of them are ADHD. my day usually starts around 4:30 AM every morning, whether i am driving jason to work because we are now a one car family, or because phoenix and tyler almost never sleep past 5.

i try not to complain too much about the sacrifices i have to make because i chose to have a big family. i knew it was a huge responsibility, but some days i definitely wish my job as a stay at home mom came with a few "lunch breaks".

as much as i try to keep a schedule, it is almost always impossible to stay on task every bit of the way. keeping my children busy and out of trouble leaves little time for myself, especially when naps are no longer in their vocabulary. oh, and did i mention that they aren't exactly easy to get to bed at night either. sometimes elijah doesn't get to sleep until 11 PM.


not having a whole lot of time to myself during the day results in late night cleaning, catching up on my favorite shows, editing photos, answering emails, and blogging. this is usually the time jason and i come together and vent about all of the things that stress us out as well, like... the second car we need, elijah needing to be potty trained, the grass that is now overgrown because we didn't have time to cut it this week. not to mention, eating, showering, and of course, my favorite...SLEEPING!

now that summer has arrived, i have found that my #1 solution to a good night's sleep is making sure the littles get a good night's sleep first. in order to do that, i make sure they spend as much time outside as they can during the day. playing outside all day and having fun in the hot summer sun certainly wears them out. after coming in, taking a bath, and filling their bellies, they are usually in bed around 8 and out within a few minutes. the earlier they get to bed, the earlier i get to bed.

once they are in bed, i can get what i need to do done and quickly send myself to bed as well.  before bed, i pull the curtains tight, make sure there is a nice breeze coming from the fan, put on one of my favorite soothing sounds apps on my phone, and lay my head down on my fluffy pillows. it doesn't take long before i am off to sleep myself.

sometimes getting a good night's sleep is a bit of a challenge and i bet there are a lot of mom's out there that can totally relate.

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what keeps you from getting your best night's sleep? 

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