Sunday, June 3, 2012

dinner over the fire pit

Got this for Christmas from my Mom and we finally put it together and put it out on our back porch. I see S'mores in our future!It's a little chilly tonight! Perfect weather for using this for the first time.Dogs! #food #dinner

we finally opened and assembled the fire pit my mom gave us for christmas this past year and put it on our back deck yesterday. and of course, we purchased hot dogs and stuff for s'mores and had a great family night cooking over the open fire. we even opened the brand new skewers we had purchased several years ago and never used.

And so it begins...750,000,000 pts. on Weight Watchers.

it was actually a pretty chilly night considering it is now june, so the heat coming off of that fire felt awesome. money is super tight for us right now, so this is a great way to have fun and spend quality time with the family without spending a lot of money...just the food! hey, we all gotta eat! i definitely see us using this a lot more this summer.

#elijahgabriel #shesthemack #sixcherries From earlier tonight. Chowin'. #sixcherries #tylerashlynn #phoenixalliyahElmo likes hot dogs too! #sixcherries #elijahgabriel

if you are interested in this particular fire pit, it is made by allen + roth.

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