Monday, June 25, 2012



  • it has been low key around here again this past week. thursday, we let mackenzie choose where she wanted to eat out for her birthday and she chose moe's and then frozen yogurt over at sweet spoons. i pretty much ate the most i have eaten in years and promptly went to bed when i got home. (yes, i ate so much i felt sick. way to go me!)
  • friday evening, mackenzie, phoenix, and tyler were supposed to stay the night with their grandma and jason and i were to have a quiet night with just elijah. however, shortly after dropping them off, we got a call that phoenix was throwing up. what the heck? i can't even tell you the last time phoenix was sick, it has been THAT long. of all days to get sick, right? we still had a good night with just the two kids and some beer and sushi on the side. philly roll and bud light platinum...yum!
  • saturday, we took the kids to burger king to try out the new bacon sundae and to take mackenzie and phoenix shopping with their birthday money. first plato's closet, then old navy. if you have a plato's closet near you, definitely check it out. you can get gently used name brand clothes (juniors-adult) for amazingly reduced prices.

how was your weekend? what kind of adventures did you have?

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