Friday, June 15, 2012

summer treats: strawberry banana lickity splits


we always do several craft projects every summer while the kids are on break from school, but this year i wanted to incorporate more food projects that allow my kids to make and create their own fun snacks. last week we started the summer out by making s'mores over an open flame in our fire pit. this week i wanted to try an alternative to one of our favorite desserts, ice cream sandwich cake. my dad introduced me to this cake for the first time several months ago. my dad has never been one to get in the kitchen, so i knew this was a pretty easy treat if he could make it.


usually the ice cream sandwich cake is a very chocolatey dessert. however, i decided to change it up a bit this week by adding fruit and making it a cross between a strawberry shortcake and a banana split. to give each person their own individual serving, each person received their own little canning jar to build their treat. we call it strawberry banana lickity splits.

i could definitely see myself serving these at a party. not just a party for kids, but for adults too!


strawberry banana lickity splits (per jar)
  • homemade or store bought icecream sandwich
  • COOL WHIP Whipped Topping
  • sliced strawberries
  • banana slices
  • small canning jar

ahead of time, slice strawberries and place in the refrigerator. next, remove the ice cream sandwich from the package and cut into about six pieces. fill the bottom of the canning jar with the pieces of ice cream sandwich and put into the freezer until ready to serve.

once you are ready to serve, add a scoop of COOL WHIP to the jar, on top of the pieces of ice cream sandwich, then top with strawberries and bananas.



add a spoon and serve!

this simple recipe was certainly a big hit at our house! it is so simple for my little ones to prepare themselves... even elijah.

quick tips: puree a few of the strawberries and add a little of your favorite sweetener, then mix with the rest of the strawberries and add on top of the COOL WHIP. yum!

frozen, COOL WHIP makes a tasty treat similar to ice cream.  you can even change this recipe up each time by adding different ingredients on top of the COOL WHIP. the toppings are endless!


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