Monday, July 23, 2012

20 random facts about me

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1. i never really owned a cell phone until about 3 years ago.

2. i wore a dress or skirt from contempo casuals (today it would be a cross between wetseal or forever 21) every day my sophmore year in high school. the following year as a junior, i wore nothing but cords, flip flops, and vintage tshirts. mouths dropped when i walked in on the first day of school my junior year because i had changed so much.

3. one of my biggest fears are swimming in lakes. there's dead bodies in there, right?

4. right now, my hair is the longest it has been since i was a freshman in high school.

5. other than my blog and social media, the website i visit most is IMDB.

6. i am distantly related to clay aiken and ironically, our birthdays are on the same day, same year. *twilight zone music*

7. i hate doing laundry and most often we have a huge pile of laundry (imgine the huge multiply it by 12) that needs to get done.

8. my favorite sport is hockey.

9. i love to just ride in the car, but i hate driving!

10. when i was born, my mom had been told she was having a boy.

11. i think shrimp tastes terrible but smells so good.

12. i am only 5 ft. tall.

13. i love corny one liner movies and have been known to use those corny sayings in everyday conversation.

14. i kinda sorta have a potty mouth.

15. i sleep with the tv on every night.

16. i love chapstick (i carry over 12 sticks in my purse), but almost always wipe it off within minutes because my hair gets stuck in it.

17. i carry about 15 pens in my purse too but never have my purse when i actually need a pen.

18. i am the opposite of a hoarder...a minimalist. i get rid of stuff on a pretty frequent basis and would get rid of more but i know jason would freak out.

19. my middle name is crystal and it was given to me because my mom loved crystal gayle.

20. my first pet was a german shepherd named gypsy.

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