Friday, July 13, 2012

fat butt friday

i should be ashamed to even be writing about my weight right now. i have no willpower what so ever and haven't even lost any weight in a while. but, i figured that if i continue to write and put myself out there that eventually someone will give me some positive feedback (or negative, by totally insulting me) and it will motivate me in the right direction. i have a lot going on in my life right now and sometimes it is easier to sit and sulk about it and feel sorry for myself than to actually get up and do something to make a difference in my life.

yeah, i'm THAT person going through one of THOSE moments!

but, please, don't take pity on me. i know that won't help me and it's honestly not what i am looking for. basically, i am just venting in a really whiny manner.

however, just because i haven't lost any weight, it doesn't mean that i am not thinking about my weight and eating habits. i pretty much think about them on a continuous basis. i just don't always listen to that voice in my head. and for the most part, i am eating healthy. my problem is exercise. i really need to get back into some type of exercise routine.

i would love to partner up with someone who is interested in trying to lose weight as much as i am and work together. or perhaps even talk to some of you health gurus out there who can help me come up with a great "beginners" exercise routine, evaluate my eating, and hold me accountable. let me know if any of you are interested in helping me out or want to work together.

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