Friday, July 20, 2012

fat butt friday

after last week's post about my weight loss struggles, i got some positive feedback from several of you on here and on instagram. a few of us joined together to be support buddies for one another through our blogs, emails, instagram, and texting. 

danni, from over at capturing lifes's magick and i have been using the phone app kik (i'm joni_moore on there if you want to chat or need a few words of encouragement) and texting each other about foods we have been eating and drinking, exercises we've been doing, and any struggles we have been having. i have been so grateful to have her to talk to.

Day 2 of The 30 Day Shred. I have found that if I put on some tunes instead of listening to Jillian that I am more motivated and it goes by so much faster. I usually listen to The Girl Talk station on Pandora.  @capturing_magic @yahbag

danni actually had trouble with her ankle one day this week, leaving her unable to work out, but rather than give up and throw in the towel, we decided to work together on another aspect of our diet....fluid intake. i personally struggle to get enough fluids in my system each day, so focusing on this part of creating a healthier lifestyle is an area i needed to work on.

danni and i made a goal to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day and would text each other every time we did. every time i got a text from her, it reminded me to drink my water. plus, i knew that at the end of the day, i didn't want danni to see i had failed if i didn't complete my goal.

i started working out every day as well. the hardest part is getting on those tennis shoes and starting the 30 day shred video. but once i get into it, i actually enjoy the workout and feel so much better physically afterwards. it's a big confidence booster as well.

Breakfast: plain oatmeal with sliced banana, almonds, and cinnamon. #foodporn #food #breakfast #oatmealSouthwest salad for dinner made by me! Black beans, corn, avocado, tomatoes, and cilantro. Can't wait to dig in! #foodporn #dinner

lastly, i have dramatically changed up my eating. as a family, we don't eat exceptionally bad, but just tweaked our menu just a little by making simple changes. it's only been a week, so i haven't really lost any weight yet, but i am excited about this change i have made and hope that i can continue to be in the mindset and do great things.

i welcome anyone who wants to join me by blogging about their weight loss struggles and successes and  staying in touch through any of my methods of contact. we all can work together to shed unwanted pounds and encourage each other to exercise and make better food choices.

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