Tuesday, July 10, 2012



our weekend started out with a bang! friday, i got a big surprise in the mail...$1000! actually, i won it from carmex a few weeks ago and it arrived just in time to sky rocket my rotten mood in a better direction. originally we thought..."yay, a vacation!" then, "well, maybe we should save it?" then, finally, we decided to spend it. 

on a new refrigerator. 

our refrigerator finally bit the dust and we chose the grown up thing to do...buy the stinkin' refrigerator instead of making monthly payments on one.

we also finally got serious with elijah and started potty training him once and for all. i must say, i was a little inspired to do so right after i read chelsea's potty training series. we went to target, bought a chart and some stickers in the dollar section and came home and went to it.

since we chose to potty train, we pretty much stuck to home the rest of the weekend.

how was your weekend? what would you do if you suddenly had an extra $1000?

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