Monday, July 16, 2012



oh my gosh, you are going to think my life sucks! once again we were stuck home this weekend. we went to walmart to pick up a few things including a brew-your-own coffee attachment for our keurig. i love the ease of popping in one of those little coffee packs but they can be expensive (we don't miss a single day of coffee drinking unless we just don't have any). this is the year our money has definitely been tested and we have been able to see how much money we waste as a family. we are finding so many ways to save money and that little attachment will definitely save us a ton of money in the long run.

i think the most exciting part of our weekend is that elijah has been going out in public with underwear on. last thursday was actually the first time we did it and he didn't have a single accident. he is also continuing to successfully poop in the potty and we have also been putting him in undies at night as well.  he hasn't had a single accident. holy crap he has caught on so quickly! we aren't even really using the sticker chart any more either. he has completely lost interest in that.

the rest of the weekend was spent getting caught up on yardwork and housework and enjoying some delicious foods. 

how was your weekend?  

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