Monday, July 23, 2012



i am on day eight of working out and feel great. i knew my biggest challenge was going to be the weekend because that is when everyone around me tends to eat more, we go out more, and i just get plain lazy. however, i forced myself to get up each day and work out and didn't give in the to temptations, like jason eating chips and salsa (salsa...yay!!)


the weather was pretty nasty this weekend, so for another weekend in a row, we decided to stay home. i was itching to go to the farmer's market, but we decided to postpone it for another weekend. our idea of trying to save as much money as we can right now seems like such a terrible idea when i am sitting at home and the kids and i are bored out of our mind. however, i know it will all pay off in the long run. 


since i haven't really been reading as much as i would like the last few years, i picked up a few books from the library the other day also. but, i also discovered that our library has nook and kindle lending as well. is this everywhere now? how freaking awesome is that? if you have a kindle or nook, you should definitely check to see if your library has an online lending library. 

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