Thursday, July 26, 2012

my relationship with my parents

my parents divorced shortly after i was born, right around my first birthday and i have no memory of them being together, ever. my mom went on to marry my step-father when i was about 4.  my dad went on to marry my step-mother when i was about 5.

my mom with a younger mackenzie. This one on the blog too today. #sixcherries #shesthemack
my mom and mackenzie

growing up, my step father became the vice president of a huge restaurant franchise (a little place where bees live and apples grow), my mom worked, and life was pretty much about that for them...traveling, fancy restaurants, lavish parties, and late nights out. i was not a terrible child, but many of my rebellious acts were most likely a cry for attention. needless to say, my mom and i were never really able to grow the kind of relationship i wanted from a mother and her lack of effort only made it easier to push her away. 10 years ago, this november, my step-father died of a self inflicted gun shot wound to the chest in his and my mom's home. since that day, my mom and i have basically grown further apart but usually talk about once a month and see each other on holidays. we live less than 20 minutes away from each other. don't get me wrong, i love my mother, she has done so much for me over the years, including buy the house we currently live in (it's ours, she just put forth a very large down payment for it), but i wish things were a little different.


my dad and step mom with a younger mackenzie. See this photo on the blog today too. #shesthemack #sixcherries
my dad and step mother with mackenzie

since i lived with my mom growing up, of course i didn't see my dad as much. as i became a teenager, i hardly saw my dad and step-mother because i was a selfish teenager who only wanted to hang out with friends. my dad is probably one of the hardest working men ever, and has made very little money all his life, but got to where he is (a lovely home on a large piece of land) by saving his money and living a pretty simple life. i love my dad and the best thing he has ever given me is the comfort that he would always be there for me no matter what. i get emotional thinking about how amazing my dad has been all of my life and how big of a douche i have been as a daughter...i could be visiting more, calling more (i'm calling today!). now that i am older, i enjoy spending time with my dad, but i just don't get over to his house like i would like. my step-mother and i get along great and have so much in common. i feel comfortable talking to her and am so thankful for her as a second mother.

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