Thursday, July 5, 2012

our 4th of july

we spent our 4th of july staying cool at the pool. we have had some super hot 100+ degree temps here in NC lately and have been spending a lot of time indoors keeping cool. we knew it was time to get outside and enjoy some of the beautiful and HOT weather, so what better way to do so than to hang out at the pool. 


the pool we always go to is about 30 minutes away from out house, but they have a great kid's pool that my kids love. their kid's pool is HUGE and is no deeper than 2 feet all the way across. plus, they allow you to bring your own water toys. i also love that there is an indoor pool as well. it actually started thundering and raining breifly while we were there, so we just went inside until the storm passed. 

this pool also allows food and drinks, so we packed quick snack and drinks to take with us to hold us over until dinner. so many pools have such strict rules and only want you to buy the food they have for sale, just to make a few extra bucks. although the basic rules are pretty solid and lifeguards are on constant duty, i don't feel like i am being ripped off. it cost us $10 for all of us to get in for a full day of fun. 

today we are being lazy and recuperating from all the sun and fun. i actually got sunburned on my back. ouch!

are you still recovering from your 4th of july fun?

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