Friday, July 6, 2012

please "like" me!

okay so here's the deal...

a couple months ago, i created a new facebook fan page because the name of my fan page didn't actually match my blog. and because of this, many of you who actually "liked" me probably didn't even really realize it was me after you clicked that like button and started to see me in your facebook feed.

ever since i created my new facebook page, the interactions have definitely increased. however, my actual number of fans is WAY down. like, i went from nearly 200 to 38...YIKES! it's not so much the numbers i want, it's that i want to make sure that you guys out there who actually enjoy this little ol' blog are able to see what's up. sometimes i post photos and info that i don't always post on my blog there. like, free apps for iphone or links to really great giveaways, tutorials, and more.

so be sure to hop on over to facebook and "like" six cherries on top to stay up to date.


How did me being in a bad mood result in 
cutting bangs. I'm weird and have no choice but to like them 

oh, and by the way, you can find me in these places too:

joni - sixcherriesontop (at) gmail (dot) com | twitter | facebook | pinterest | instagram: mamacherry

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