Saturday, August 11, 2012

a day at the farmers market

farmersmarket 1

i had been wanting to go to the farmer's market for weeks and last weekend we finally drove out to raleigh to walk around and perhaps pick up some fresh fruits and veggies. it was a gloomy day, with rain off and on,   but that didn't stop anyone from going because the place was packed.

we picked up some fresh jalapeno sausage, some honey, fresh homemade salsa, and some corn. i would have to say that the corn was the best deal ever because we were able to score 60 ears of corn for only $10. i enjoy buying local because i know it is helping the farmers in my area, not to mention, i can usually pay a lot less for farm fresh products.

farmersmarket 2

i also saw a few other things that i definitely want to go back and get very soon, including a giant aloe plant and a pomegranate tree. my dream is to have a bunch of fruit bearing trees growing in my yard one day.

we ended up using the sausage for a stir fry and the salsa made a great snack with my rice crackers. as for the corn...we are still working on that. it has been a great addition to EVERY SINGLE MEAL we have eaten this week. i am not very familiar with freezing vegetables, so i may be calling my grandma soon so she can teach me.

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