Monday, August 20, 2012

a typical day in my life

it's still summer here and the kids still have about 2 weeks before they go back to school so a typical day will be much different when school starts back. i shared a typical school day with mandy over at a sorta fairytale a while back, so today i will share what a typical day is like when my children are not in school.

8:00 am - wake up! get dressed to workout clothes

8:15 am - go running. mackenzie usually holds down the fort while i take off for about 25 minutes while i get in about 2 miles. if it's raining or an off day, i will workout at home.

8:45 am - shower and dressed.

9:00 am - breakfast. the kids usually get some type of cereal during the week and a larger breakfast (usually pancakes) on the weekend. i get oatmeal with fruit and black coffee.

9:30 am - check the garden. we have a container garden with hot peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. we collect any veggies that are ready to be picked, and water it for the day. it's so hot around here we have to water twice a day. the second time is usually an afternoon shower by mother nature.


10:00 am - playtime and movie time for the kids. chores for me.

12:00 - lunch.

1:00 pm - outside water play (either in the pool or the water table).

2:00 pm - nap time for kids (only the 3 youngest). me time...blogging, check emails, etc.

3:00 pm - snack time (usually outside)

4:00 pm - playtime/craft time and tv time for kids. chores for me.

ryan 1

6:00 pm - dinner.

7:00 pm - bath time for kids.

7:30 pm - winding down and getting ready for bed.

8:00 pm - bedtime. jason & joni, computers, reading, whatever

12:00 - good-night!

on thursdays, phoenix and tyler see their therapist, so the day is a little different. i try to get all my errands i need to run on that day as well. i usually do the grocery shopping on sundays.

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