Thursday, August 9, 2012

back to school with old navy fashion

i remember the first old navy they opened near my home many years ago. my dad took me there for back to school shopping that year and ever since then, old navy has been my go to store, not just for back to school shopping, but for shopping all year round. however, this time of year, is our favorite time of year to get the latest styles for back to school, and even stock up on some of those fabulous leftover summer styles until the weather starts turning cooler here in NC.

oldnavy 2 oldnavy 1
old navy shirt picked out by mackenzie for back to school this year

because we live in an area where it doesn't start getting cooler until late october, finding great back to school deals allows me to stock up on styles for both seasons that will last until the winter holidays, when we typically shop again. and, having 5 children in school, who are definitely rough on clothes, means i need high quality items that will still fit within my budget. my 14 year old daughter still has clothes from old navy that she has passed down to her little sisters each year, so i know old navy is a brand i can trust.

old navy is definitely my one stop shop for clothes for back to school shopping for all 5 of my school age children...from mackenzie, who is starting high school this year, ryan, who is in middle school, and jacob, phoenix, and tyler who will be in 5th, 2nd, and 1st grades.

oldnavy 4
mackenzie's old navy dress from 10 years ago passed down to tyler

mackenzie has a very eclectic style and loves putting together outfits that she can wear all year long. she prefers stylish but comfortable because she's always on the go. phoenix and tyler, my youngest two school age girls, couldn't be any more night and day. tyler loves dresses and skirts, and shirts with as many bows and ruffles as possible. phoenix is more of a pants and graphic tee kinda gal. ryan and jacob, my two boys, both like t-shirts with plaid button up shirts for an edgy skater look.

b2s4btyler style

no matter what, my kids are always pleased with their old navy back to school choices and look forward to showing off their new clothes to their friends when they head back to school each year.

oldnavy 3 
old navy shirt picked out by phoenix for back to school this year

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