Friday, August 31, 2012

fat butt friday: i love to exercise

who would have thunk it...that i would love working out as much as i do? i constantly feel like i need to read one more article or watch one more video because i want to be an expert at this. i want to train the right way and be able to read my body when it is showing signs of stress, so as to not push myself to do too much at one time.

so far, i have discovered how much water i should be taking in each day, great foods to eat before working out, as well as after, and stretches i can do to help myself recover on days that i am not running. i have discovered some great new products that fellow bloggers and igers have recommended as well.

i am by NO means an expert at any form of exercise! NOT EVEN CLOSE! running is my favorite but, my longest run to date has only been 2 miles. however, i would love to start sharing some of my favorite discoveries and recommendations with you. i find that i am best educated by those who are actually living the lifestyle, going through the experiences themselves, and actually using the products they recommend. i have learned a lot from the runner's world magazine website, but i am sure that not all of the people who write for that magazine have dealt with being overweight. having a degree in health and nutrition, or any other athletic degree, does not make them an expert at actually putting it into practice, nor does it give them my resume of weight loss struggles and failures. and i will never recommend something simply because i am getting a free product or being paid by a sponsor. often times i have opened a fitness magazine to see ads for products that I KNOW most people who are educated properly and working to lose weight, or stay slim and trim, will not eat.

be on the lookout starting next week for my tips and recommendations that will hopefully help make the most out of your workouts and meal planning. i would love to hear your recommendations of products to try, workout videos, exercise tips, clean eating recipes, and more. leave a comment or send me an email and i will try them out. if i love them, i will be sure to mention them here on fat butt friday.

update: i surpassed my latest goal of working out for 45 days and am currently working toward another new goal of 60 days. i have also increased my workouts to 2 times a day, 4 days a week. this usually consists of me doing a video in the morning and running in the evening. i will be so glad when it cools down a little because it is HOT in the afternoon and running is so much harder in the heat. whoa nelly!

how have you been doing this week? be sure to brag about some of your successes (no matter how big or small) in the comments below!

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