Friday, August 17, 2012

fat butt friday: i made it 30 days!

as of tuesday this week, i reached my goal of working out for 30 days in a row. i originally put this on my 2012 spring & summer bucket list earlier this year, but honestly didn't believe i would accomplish it. for almost 3 years i have been trying to get into some type of workout routine and every single time, i have failed. even last year when i joined up with several other bloggers to do jillian michaels' 30 day shred. i didn't make it the full 30 days.

at some point recently, a light flipped on in my head and things changed. this has happened a couple other times before after giving birth to my other children, but it has never taken me this long for it to happen. i am older now and losing weight is much harder and i get discouraged very easily. one of my biggest tips for losing weight is don't wait any it now! like i said, it will be much harder the older you get.

i still have yet to miss a day of working out, but i know the day will come when i just won't be able to. perhaps due to sickness, or whatever the case may be, and i am preparing myself for that now. i set high expectations for myself and can really beat myself up when i fail. i am working on understanding that one bad day does not mean i am a failure. a failure is having one bad day and giving up.

i had to be reminded of this just yesterday when i struggled to run the last two days. during both my runs, i had to quit and come back home because i was getting terrible leg pain and my feet felt like they were on fire. i did do an alternate workout, but i was really broken up about it because i really love running. i posted about it on instagram and several of my lovely followers and supporters gave me some wonderful tips for recovery and reminded me that i needed to cut myself some slack. in no way did that mean giving up, but that i just needed to take a break from running and that it was okay to try something else for a few days.


i checked the scale this morning and i haven't actually lost any weight this week, but surprisingly that is not discouraging to me. i know i am doing things for my body that i wasn't doing before, and i can see the changes in my body, regardless of whether i am actually losing weight. i didn't check my measurements, and i probably won't be doing that very often, maybe once a month.

it feels so much better to be writing these fat butt friday posts with a purpose these days. i honestly felt like a giant loser for even claiming that i was making efforts to lose weight when i clearly wasn't. however, in a way, they did somewhat get me to see how bad i was making myself look and has played a small role in my motivation. 

right now, my new goal is to reach 45 days of working out. i set a small goal of 15 days as apposed to another 30 days just because 30 days was such an accomplishment for me that i wanted to slow myself down a little and set smaller goals for myself. i truly believe that small achievable goals are the way to go. setting your goals too high is just setting yourself up for failure.

thank you to everyone who has supported me through this journey so far! if you are struggling like i was, feel free to send me an email so we can talk. having someone to talk to is another great way to stay motivated when it comes to weight loss. i would love to be there to support you through difficult days or to listen to some of your successes, no matter how big or small they may be. i have been doing this with a few other ladies and it is amazing how much their encouraging words and stories of success motivate me.

Oh Hai, it's me! I am pretty sure this uber disgusting, completely nonsexual photo will cause me to lose at least 5 followers and gain 10 creepers after one whole day, 2 sweaty workouts, and zero showers.
just one of those days! two workouts, no showers! (don't worry, i eventually took a shower before i went to bed)

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