Sunday, August 26, 2012

fat butt friday (on sunday): body measurements

i have only done my measurements once since i started working out and got a bit confused about where i measured last time, so i decided i needed a diagram showing where to measure. i did a google for a really good one and i just couldn't find one that i loved so i made one in photoshop. i added all the points on my body that i measure, not necessarily all the points that one should measure. some diagrams showed measuring across the shoulders, the neck, and the calves. those are areas i just don't feel like i need to be monitoring.

body measurements
 **all measurements are recorded in inches**

feel free to pin this chart to share with others or use it yourself. to the right are my updated measurements. i am pretty shocked to see the difference as i compare them to my first set of measurements.

i am pretty stoked because if you look, you will see, i lost a few inches here and there. i have really been getting into running and i love it so much that i actually miss it on my days off. when i said last week i was going to take a week off, i never made it because i was too eager to get back out there. i did take about 3 days off and felt great when i got back out there. now, i only run every other day.

i have also been reading a lot of running websites and watching a lot of videos about health and nutrition. all of the new info i am learning has me so pumped up to stay on board with all these changes i have made in the last month and a half. be sure to follow me on pinterest to keep up with all the websites and information i find most interesting.

how about a little motivation? check out the youtube channel, fit for two tv. this husband and wife couple have lots of great health and fitness stuff going on in their videos, and i love it!

how you are doing with your health and fitness goals?

Got up and had an awesome run this morning and now headed out to drop Mack off at her friends house. That's all that was planned for today.

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