Monday, August 6, 2012



what a fabulous weekend we had! it was also a rather bittersweet weekend as well, because my little monster turned 3 saturday. he seems so far away from that baby he once was and i miss that baby i once had. i still try to rock him to sleep sometimes, and i always enjoy the cuddles he gives me when he is tired, hurt, or just needs his mommy, but i know that soon those cuddles will fade because hugging and kissing mommy will be uncool.

saturday was also a day of growing up for mackenzie, as she went on her first date with her boyfriend josh. i was a little hesitant at first, but finally gave in to her attending a chaperoned lynyrd skynyrd concert. jason was much more worried than i was and was even plotting with my best friend matt if anything were to happen. you know, the typical "i'm gonna get my shotgun" routine dad's have to play. 

the weekend kept us busy for the first time in a while. we ended up shopping for toys, at another restaurant, and ended our weekend at the farmer's market, getting a super awesome deal on corn. $10 for 60 ears? yes, please!

tell me about your weekend!

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