Thursday, August 9, 2012

my biggest pet peeves

This is me going crazy. Where did this virus come from that has struck us?

i am overall a pretty friendly person, but some things just down right annoy the crap out of me. i started making this list and realized the reason i must always be in such a fowl mood. in fact, this list of 10 turned into 12, and i could have possibly kept going but decided against it.

1. when drivers don't use their turn signal or wait until the last possible second to use it. ahhhhh! stop it!

2. unkempt children. we've all seem it... mom with nails done, the latest fashions, burberry bags, hair cut and styled on schedule, and kids wearing raggedy walmart clothes, 4 sizes too small, dirty mismatched socks, who obviously need a hair cut. your kids should be your greatest accessory, so, dress them like you care!

3. people who don't clean up after themselves. i am talking about those people who do it so frequently it almost seems like they are doing it just to get on my nerves.

4. bad table manners including noisy eating/ eating with your mouth agape. 

5. dirty dishes in the sink. i always feel like no matter how clean a house is, if there are dishes in the sink, it looks worse than it really is.

6. standing over me to read or look at something. holy cow, go somewhere!

7. drivers who park to close to my vehicle or take up two parking spaces. 

8. parents who drag their sick children out in public. this includes taking your sick ass kids to school or daycare. unless you are going to the doctor's office, keep your kids at home of goodness sakes. this drives me insane, especially being a previous employee in childcare.

9. when i am interrupted while talking/ when someone tries to finish my sentence. this happens to me so often, having kids, and i have yet to get over it. i will literally be trying to say something and be interrupted 5 times. by the time everyone has shut up long enough for me to talk, i feel like what i was trying to say has been built up so much by then that it will only be a let down when i am finished. example: after being interrupted 5 times... "i just wanted to say that i read somewhere that making macaroni and cheese is much better with 4 cheeses instead of 3." everyone else listening... "OH WOW, that's what we have been trying to hear you say for the last 10 minutes?"

10. lying. most of the time people lie for no reason, and the truth usually doesn't irritate me as much as the fact that you lied does.

11. when the toilet paper is not replaced after it is gone off the roll. "FUCK!" we all know this never happens when you just have to pee. so, now, i am going to have to wobble over and get a new roll. and... "look there! there is the brown tube laying there on the floor waiting for me to pick it up!"

12. when i am pushing a stroller, clearly on the right side of the flow of walking traffic, and a person coming toward me, no stroller and clearly on the wrong side of the walking traffic, expects me to be the one to move out of the way. i feel like this is ALWAYS me. like i am ALWAYS the one who has to move. and those people are jackasses because it is obvious that moving is a far less harder task for you than me. EAT SHIT!

*sorry for the potty mouth! i felt that my pet peeves deserved a true to life experience of what it is really like for me! {grin}

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