Tuesday, August 7, 2012

my most embarrassing moment

i had to skip the one about the people who have influenced me most. i have to let that one resonate a little longer in my brain. however, moving on to my most embarrassing moment is a bit difficult for me as well because i don't get embarrassed easily. i honestly don't.

but, thinking back and choosing just one instance, i guess i would say it would have to be the time my oldest daughter mackenzie announced to a room full of people...

"when i grow up, i am going to have big boobies like my mommy!"

she was approximately 3 years old and nothing actually prompted her to actually say that, it just came out of nowhere and shocked not only me but everyone who was listening. i am pretty sure my face turned 30 shades of red the moment i noticed all eyes on me, because i knew they could now only be doing one thing...looking at my boobs.

mackenzie 2001

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