Friday, August 24, 2012

simple collections: postcards + a giveaway

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i have never been a collector of many things in all my years. i would definitely consider myself a minimalist and am always looking for an opportunity to sort through our stuff and determine what items no longer need a place in our home. however, i do have one small collection that i have enjoyed adding to over the years and it's my postcard collection. whenever, either friends or family members travel, we ask them to send us a postcard and/or pick us up a couple as a souvenir to put in our collection. postcards are a very inexpensive collection to start and no one ever seems to mind because they are an affordable gift to bring back. we even pick some up as a family if we travel. just like the pictures i take with my camera, i love looking back at our postcards and remembering our travels, or remembering the stories friends and family tell us as i look back one of the postcards they have sent us. i can go through every single postcard i own and tell you a story about how i got it or who sent it (without having to look at the sender's address on the ones that have it).

post cards 2post cards 4
vintage postcards i found in an old box of recipes that were given to me.

we don't just collect postcards to add to our collection, we collect them to send out as well. with the convenience of email and texting, not to mention the constant increase of stamp prices, handwritten letters are becoming a thing of the past. however, the price of a postcard stamp is much less. just a few words jotted down to let someone know you are thinking about them is sure to brighten anyone's day. i recently sent my mom a card i made online and she absolutely loved it.


ana, from over at wonderland blog and sixty-two thousand miles blog, has a shop at redbubble, where she sells some of her beautiful photography, and just recently sent me some postcards to add to my collection. i enjoyed going through her shop and picking out my favorites and i love the vintage feel that she captures in her photos.

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how beautiful are these postcards? i received the postcards just a few days after selecting them and was pleased with how fast they got here and the quality of the cards. they are printed on a really nice heavy photo card stock. they are all so beautiful, i hate to get rid of any of them, but i will definitely be using one of them to send out to someone special next week. you can also get ana's photography as a print that would make a lovely addition to any wall decor.  so be sure to go over to redbubble and check out ana's shop.

ana is so generously offering one six cherries on top reader the opportunity to choose 10 postcards from her shop (or one print). she has a variety of prints to choose from so you can stay in contact with your friends and family, or to even start or add to your own postcard collection.

giveaway ends wednesday, september 5. i will contact and announce winners as soon as possible.
 i was contacted  and provided  with the postcards mentioned in the giveaway portion of this post. i received no compensation for this post and all comments, opinions, and ideas are my own and in no way influenced. by entering this giveaway, you agree to six cherries on top disclaimer/terms of use. 

post cards 10

do you have a simple collection of items that are unique but don't take up a lot of space? send me an email telling me what it is that you enjoy collecting and i will share it here on six cherries on top.

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