Tuesday, September 11, 2012

building self confidence through working out

Just left Mackenzie's Freshman 
Orientation. Omg, my kid is in High School!
six months ago when i added working out for 30 days in a row to my spring and summer bucket list, i never thought i would be here now, able to check it off my list.  i certainly never thought i would be closing in on 60 days either and that it all would have such a profound affect on my self esteem. whoa!

perhaps you are sick of hearing me talk about weight loss and working out, but i believe that the best way to stay motivated is to keep it at the forefront of my mind...live it and breath it, right?

to be honest, it is one of best feelings to work so hard for something. in my 20's, losing weight was pretty easy for me. i'm not sure why because i don't really know enough about health and nutrition and the body, but working out for a few minutes each day was all it took to lose 40 lbs. in just a few months. what i didn't realize was how out of shape i still was because not a lot of effort needed to be put in to lose the weight. i didn't know what it was like to push until i thought i would die, and i certainly couldn't run a mile. in fact, i had never been able to run a mile, even in high school.

so, here i am nearly 60 days after starting one of the biggest challenges of my life, and i feel amazing about myself. i have other "demons" in my life that try to wreck my good mood at times, but when i look in the mirror, i see someone i am proud of...the example i want to be for my kids...someone who doesn't give up. i feel like i can go out in public without a sense of shame and i can truly look people in the eyes when i talk to them. i feel like i am getting the old me back. the me that wasn't afraid to be odd or goofy, or even make you feel a little bit uncomfortable with my weirdness.

Oh Hai, it's me! I am pretty sure this uber disgusting, completely nonsexual photo will cause me to lose at least 5 followers and gain 10 creepers after one whole day, 2 sweaty workouts, and zero showers.

like my glasses? the awesome company, firmoo, recently sent them for me to try out. i have gotten so many compliments on the uniqueness of these frames, and i enjoy telling them about the variety of styles firmoo has to offer. i was even able to upload a picture of myself and "try" my glasses on before i made my final choice.

the yellow and blue in these glasses definitely fit my personality and style. a new pair of glasses that better suite me have definitely played a role in how i feel about myself as well. and guess what? new customers receive their first pair of glasses FREE! be sure to check out firmoo for more details and to make your next glasses purchase.

p.s. they even have sunglasses! woo hoo!


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