Sunday, September 30, 2012

fat butt friday (late again...on sunday): staying hydrated + body measurements

one of the hardest things for me is making sure i get enough fluids during the day. i have always been one to do all my drinking while i eat and in between meals, i don't really get thirsty unless i have just been working out or doing something strenuous. unfortunately, the number one side affect from this for me is usually a huge headache at the end of the day. if i have a headache, the first question i ask myself is whether i have had anything to drink all day. i have literally gone all day without drinking something, which is definitely not good for your body. since i have been working out, i have tried to keep it in mind so that my workout performance is at its best. it's important to me that i get the most out of my workouts, and in order to do that, i have to make sure i am taking care of myself before and after those workouts.

so i got to googling about hydration and have been reading about all the aspects of staying hydrated over at runner's world. from, how much i should drink, to certain foods that will help to keep you hydrated, plus tons of other information. be sure to hop over to begin educating yourself about the importance of keeping your body hydrated. there's so much more to it that simply quenching your thirst.



although i haven't really lost any weight in the last month, i finally got around to doing my measurements for the month. i was so happy to see that even though i hadn't lost any weight, my body was still changing and losing inches. i have been doing more to tone my body lately and cut back on the running a little, just in the past week. basically, i have been super busy and running wasn't an option, plus it has done nothing but rain this weekend (when i do most of my running). 

here are my measurements for the month, so be sure to go back to last month and check out the differences. 

body measurementsbody measurements october

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