Monday, September 10, 2012



all i can say is that i have been busy! i don't feel like i have done a whole lot but have actually accomplished a great deal. lots of cleaning and rearranging, and a little purging of useless junk. the holidays are coming up and i know we will need the extra space. six kids + christmas = lots of new stuff.

oh, and i also reorganized our important documents safe. i usually try to do it once a year. and if you don't have a safe for your important documents, i suggest you get one! a fire or flood can happen to anyone. 

we like to party hard around here. 
be prepared this week for lots of new companies and products i am loving and want to share with you, including a new app. that i use for running. some may even make great gifts for the upcoming holidays! stay tuned!

how was your weekend?

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