Wednesday, September 26, 2012

karoo app review | #doyoukaroo

let me just say that karoo is really one of the greatest apps ever. seriously! i wish i had this app back when i worked in childcare because it is one of the most genius ways for early childhood educators to keep working parents in the know about their child, while they are apart each day.  from personal experience, it is a difficult decision for parents to make when it comes to putting their little one's in childcare. we worry about missing certain milestones, and wonder if you have made the right decision. this app is sure to ease parent's minds throughout the day, as they are able to stay connected with their child so easily.

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karoo is a free iphone app and website from that allows anyone who signs up to keep up to the minute information about a child's day and share it with others. when you sign up, you will be able to view that information in a secure account that can only be viewable by approved members. great for teachers, babysitters, and grandparents.

wouldn't you like the convenience of being able to see how your child's day is going at a quick glance while they are at school, share with distant grandparents, or even while your child or pet is at home with a sitter? one of my favorite ways this app. can be used is by childcare providers. you and your child's teacher can both sign up with karoo and throughout the day your child's teacher will be able to keep record of meals, naps, and even diaper changes or potty breaks. you can also take and post photos and video right there in the app. on your iphone.

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do you karoo? 

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