Wednesday, September 26, 2012

tika the dog

my grandmother spends most of her days alone at home these days, so she got a dog to keep her company during the week. most weekends now, we will be heading to her house to spend some time with her to help her out around her house, and my mom has spent every saturday with her for years now.

my grandmother, who was once a lively old lady, has been having minor complications with her health, including issues with her back, that prevents her from doing what she loves most, getting outside and working in her yard and garden. i wish we lived closer to her to spend more time with her.

tika and mack

tika is a pure bred, long hair chihuahua, and you can tell my grandma just adores him. he's about 6 months old and he was not trained when she got him. but, she already has him trained and listens to her so well and you can tell he loves her just as much as she loves him. it makes me feel better knowing that she has him to keep her company.

and of course, my kids just love him to pieces as well. my kids want a pet so bad, but with 6 kids already and this small house we live in now, we just don't have the time or space for anyone else. thankfully, they can get their pet fix with tika every weekend.

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