Tuesday, October 30, 2012

an interview with elijah

while phoenix and tyler were with their therapist the other day, i decided to do a little impromptu interview with elijah just for fun. check out his answers to some of the questions i asked. fyi... elijah just turned 3 in august for those of you who may not know this. none of his answers were encouraged and are all in his exact words.

fall photos_moore_12

what is your name? e-why-juh (elijah)

how old are you? good!
no, how old are you? old
how many is that? 4
how many? 4
how many? 4... i mean free (three)!

what is your favorite color? bwoo (blue)
what is something that is blue? cold water on the sink

what do you like to eat? bananas and corn
for breakfast? waffles
for snack? fruit
for dinner? chicken nuggets

what do you like to drink? milk and juice. but only my milk. (i have no idea what that means)

what is your favorite cartoon? cartoon network
what else? jake and the neverland pirates on disney junior.

what do you want to be when you grow up? spider-man

what is your girlfriend's name? i don't like girls!  
do you like to kiss girls? no, just mommy.

you got a new iphone, who are you going to call? i don't have new iphone!?!?
let's pretend you got a new iphone, who are you going to call? i not, i just play games.

what games are you gonna play on your iphone? snuggle truck

what do you want for christmas? trucks

what song do you like the best? train song

we are going on vacation, where do you want to go? camping in a tent

what is your favorite book? spider book

who is your best friend? mommy

what is your favorite animal? monkey

what is your favorite toy? trains

where do you love to go shopping? I HATE SHOPPING!
do you want to go shopping now? yes.

if i ask him these again tomorrow, i am sure some of his answers will change, but this was fun and i will probably do this again sometime just to hear what he has to say. feel free to use these questions and interview your kids. if you do, let me know and i will come check it out!

do you have some questions for elijah. just leave them in the comments and i will ask him.

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