Thursday, October 25, 2012

coffee talk

okay, here i go! i am linking up with natalie for coffee talk this week...on time! this week it's about music, videos, and entertainment. definitely some of my favorite stuff to talk about.

1. what is in your playlist?

i like a huge variety of music including pop, rock, indie, country, and everything in between all of those. here is just a random selection of what you would find on my playlist. 

coldplay - the scientist
two door cinema club - what you know
alexi murdoch - all my days
walk the moon - anna sun
mat kearney - ships in the night
lissie - when i'm alone
phoenix - if i ever feel better
ed sheeran - the a team
john mayer - heartbreak warfare
best coast - our deal
gym class heroes - ass back home
blue october - into the ocean
sara bareilles - gravity
nickel creek - this side
josh turner - long black train

2. What is the funniest YouTube video you always go to when you need a laugh (or if you just wanna watch it)?

i have two.

my oldest daughter is the queen of comedy and she is always showing me something funny. she showed me this video the other day that had me peeing my pants. 

and if you know me, you know that i love julian smith and have always loved this video of his jeffery character. 

 3. Favorite song in the whole wide world that you never get sick of and it's on repeat.

i pretty much get sick of all songs eventually, but i have kinda always had a thing for drops of jupiter by train for forever. 

 4. Do you have any embarrassing songs/singers/bands that you like?

not really, but i guess i could say that i actually like some of the NKOTB's new stuff in recent years like click, click, click. i was a huge fan of the back in the late 80's when it was new kids on the block, so it's good to see them still making music after all these years. and i LOVE justin beiber's new song beauty and a beat. i am sure it will blow up all over the radio any day now and i will start to hate it. 

5. What's that ONE song that ALWAYS makes you cry?

this was an easy one for me. brooks and dunn, believe. 

6. What song have you recently heard, that you can't seem to get out of your head?

that damn justin beiber song!    

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