Friday, October 5, 2012

fat butt friday: "feasting season"

wow, it's friday already? well, i ran once this week. once. ugh! i have been so tired this week. i actually have myself convinced i have a deficiency. like low iron or...low something. don't ask me why i feel like this, i just do. all i know is that i have felt more tired than i have felt in a long time. a different kind of tired. it's weird and hard to describe. but, i have managed to workout still, except once. yesterday was the first time in months that i did absolutely nothing to do with exercise...unless you want to call walking around target for about an hour and a half as exercise. to make up for it, i did get up this morning and workout first thing, which hasn't happened in a while.

 This hair! It's becoming unmanageable. You can't tell here because of how beautifully I have it done up today, but its long. Seriously long. It chokes me in my sleep. #hair

as it gets closer to halloween, i start thinking about the "feasting season" ahead. it starts in october and ends january 1st for me. last year i had lost 10 lbs. by thanksgiving and gained it all back plus another 10 by the first of the year. within two months i had gained 20 lbs. wholly guacamole! it all started with the world's largest mexican dinner, just a couple days before thanksgiving. i allowed myself to over indulge never thinking it would get so out of hand.

this year i plan to go into the holiday season better prepared. i plan to sit down this week and create a plan for myself. sometimes i find it easier when i write down my goals. hopefully, i will be able to share my plan with you next week, but for now, check out this link HERE that I found about preparing yourself for the holidays.

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