Tuesday, October 2, 2012

halloween dirt cups

i shared these dirt cake cups as a guest post last year over at sunny with a chance of sprinkles and thought that since it's a new year, i would share it here as well. my kiddies have already been asking me for these, so i see them in our near future.


one of my kids favorite treats is dirt cake cups. just like my rice krispie treats, I usually follow the basic recipe and tweak it for specific holidays. here is the basic recipe and two great ways to dress it up for halloween.

dirtcups 01

dirt cake cups

-chocolate or vanilla pudding
-oreo cookies (or any type of cookie such as graham crackers, vanilla wafers, etc.)
-cool whip (optional)
-food coloring
-canning jars (small size)
-gummy worms (or any type of decoration to finish off the cake)

dirtcups 02

prepare the pudding according to directions on the box. in a food processor, grind up cookies to a "dirt" consistency. in a separate bowl, mix cool whip with food coloring of your choice. in the canning jars, layer the ingredients, starting with the pudding, then the cookie crumbs, and lastly, the cool whip. continue to alternate ingredients until the jar is full. be sure that the last layer to fill the jar is the "dirt" on top.

dirtcups 04

for the first one, i just simply used chocolate pudding and halloween shortbread cookies. i layered them in the jar and topped it off at the end with one of the cookies.

the second dirt cake cups were made using chocolate pudding, chocolate on chocolate oreo cookies, and cool whip with orange food coloring. i topped them off with a plastic spider and mouse.

i think this one would have also looked great topped with a candy corn pumpkin. it would have even worked with the traditional gummy worms and a few plastic spider rings. the ideas are endless.

 dirtcups 07

dirtcups 06

dirt cake cups are very inexpensive to make and are sure to please. sometimes changing up a simple recipe to make it "new" is all it takes to put a smile on your little one's face. I look forward to making these again at christmas and changing them up again to create a winter holiday theme. 

dirtcups 03dirtcups 05

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