Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween: the pumpkin carving post

pumpkin carving 2012_2

i decided that i didn't want a bunch of traditional orange pumpkins this year, so while i was out shopping the other day, i came across two perfect shaped pumpkins in green and a yellowish they were actually cheaper. i win!

we totally waited last minute this year, but last night we had fun carving our pumpkins and making pumpkin seeds. phoenix and tyler were huge helpers separating the seeds for the pumpkin guts, but elijah wanted nothing to do with the pumpkins at all. he basically thought it was the grossest thing ever. even afterwards, i had to bribe him to taste a pumpkin seed, even though i am pretty sure he has eaten them in the past. but, when he finally tried one, i couldn't get him to stop. he loved them!

pumpkin carving 2012_3IMG_2231 copy

pumpkin carving 2012_4

pumpkin carving 2012_5

pumpkin carving 2012_6

pumpkin carving 2012_1

pumpkin carving 2012_8

pumpkin carving 2012_7

i hope everyone has a safe and happy halloween. i look forward to everyone's halloween posts that will be showing up for the rest of the week after today. what are you and your children going as for halloween?

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