Wednesday, October 31, 2012



yup, i'm participating!

for those that don't know, NABLOPOMO stands for national blog posting month. basically, it is a challenge to blog every day for an entire month...30 days in november. i honestly don't even think my life is interesting enough to fill 30 consecutive days, but i am great at pretending to be a know it all at many different subjects, and i am sure i have some dirty little secrets i can dig up, so perhaps i can be successful at this.

so what will i be blogging about?

honestly, i don't know. of course, some of it will be stuff i normally blog about and perhaps even some crafts and recipes i have planned. but other than that, i really have no plan. jess over at irocksowhat wrote a post awhile back about ideas for getting over blogger's block that i loved, plus kathy, over at mama's losing it, always has great writing prompts every week. check them out if you are worried that you won't be able to post for 30 days. i know i certainly will be.

if you have any suggestions for me, let me hear them in the comments. perhaps there is something specific you would like me to blog about. i pretty much have an opinion about everything, just please don't ask me to talk about politics or religion.

let me know if you decide to participate so i can stop by and keep up with you.

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