Monday, October 22, 2012

tv talk: 31 movies for halloween


i probably should have shared this list a little earlier, but i just didn't get around to it, and you still have time to see some of these that you may have not seen or have forgotten about.

these are our top favorite movies for halloween. halloween is my favorite holiday and i usually watch the most tv during october because i love all these movies. sometimes i will not watch these movies at any other time of the year just so i have them to look forward to during this time of year. we prefer "scary" over "gory", so most of these don't have a lot of chopped up limbs or spewing guts.

31 days of movies for halloween (in no particular order):


the frighteners
the others
silent hill
ghost ship
what lies beneath
hocus pocus
i know what you did last summer
the sixth sense
dead silence
13 ghosts
the haunting
pet sematary 
the monster squad
the lady in white
the ring
practical magic
edward scissorhands
the haunted mansion
the adams family
the descent
drag me to hell
house of wax

all of these movies can be found on imdb for more info. but i am sure you have seen or heard of most of these.

what are some of your favorite movies you watch in celebration of halloween? what movies do you recommend that aren't on this list?

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