Tuesday, October 16, 2012

guest post: wreath craft with brittany from the denny buzz

Hi! I'm Brittany from The Denny Buzz! I'm so excited to be stopping by!  
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Today I'm excited to share a fun craft that I recently made!
It's a super cute & easy burlap wreath! 
 I originally made this to hang on our front door for my daughter's first birthday party 

........but I had some secret plans in mind when I made it! 
I intentionally wanted to make it in black so I could also turn it into a Halloween wreath!

I followed this tutorial to make the Burlap Bubble Wreath and I found the tutorial off of Katy's blog!  Below are tips that I found useful while following the tutorial 


10" foam wreath 
(I found mine at Hobby Lobby in the back by scrapbooking not with the rest of the wreaths! Also, it's much smaller than you think so yes, you are buying the right thing!  (bc I sure thought I wasn't!)

1.5 yards burlap

Large headed pins

I found it was easiest to make it with someone else (aka super mom!) to help it go faster & to help you judge where you need to fill in empty spots!  Mom started ahead of time by being an angel and cutting our 4"x4" squares for us.  This was the most time consuming step....according to her! ;)  The next step is where the extra set of hands come into play!  My mom folded and stuck the pin in, handed it off to me, and then I placed them into the wreath.  We followed the steps from the tutorial and it turned out great!  

I attached the bumble bee for her birthday party to the burlap with super glue.  It was easy to pop off when I was ready to switch it out and if needed, you can always replace the one or two squares it was attached to!  I found the middle "Trick or Treat" decorative/oversized bottle cap at Hobby Lobby.  I attached it to the ribbon to where it hangs perfectly centered in the wreath!  I loved spending a fun evening with my mom making a craft!  Especially a craft for two separate occasions!       

Make sure to check out the awesome tutorial above and I hope my tips make it that much easier!  Thank you again Joni for having me here today!  I hope you'll buzz on over to The Denny Buzz and say hi!  Have a great week!  


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