Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2012 raleigh christmas parade

the raleigh christmas parade is always in november around here. i'm not sure why, but with all the festivities going on in december, it's nice to have the parade during november. this was the first year jason and i have gone together to the raleigh christmas parade. we usually attend a different parade, but it is nothing like the raleigh parade. the raleigh christmas parade is held in downtown raleigh and is the largest christmas parade between washington d.c. and atlanta. you pretty much have to get there a couple hours early if you want to get a good spot, especially with kids.

it was super cold, so i got up early to make coffee and hot chocolate for your thermoses and to bundle up the kiddos in their warmest winter gear. we also went to the parade with my best friend amanda, her husband rick, and their daughter gracie... oh, and little gabriel in mommy's belly {grin}, so the fun was definitely doubled having them there. the parade was great and i love seeing all of the local people i see on tv and listen to on the radio, the businesses i enjoy, and the high schools my friends and i went to growing up. i also love gossiping and people watching! hey, don't judge! we all do it and you know it!

i took a ton of photos, but here are just a few of them.

raleigh motorcycle officers

downtown raleigh horseback police officers

my high school - sanderson spartans

nc agriculture shopping cart

best radio morning show in the south - G105's bob and the showgram (check it out on i heart radio)



the historic raleigh trolley



we had such a great time, but as much fun as we all had, there was one little stinker in the bunch. elijah pretty much screamed that he wanted to go home the entire time. we had to buy an entire box of doughnuts just to get him to cease the screaming for a few minutes, but even with that, he started up again as soon as he was finished. i am starting to wonder if we are getting him out enough because he has been saying this a lot when we take him out lately. the boy is a homebody!

do you go to the christmas parade in your area every year? what is your favorite part of the parade?

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