Monday, November 26, 2012

25 holiday movies to enjoy


my favorite holiday movie of all time is little women. it is a story i enjoyed as a child, in school when we read it, and continue to love as an adult. my dad even gave me a 1955 copy of the book at thanksgiving that he had been saving for me over the years. although the movies are never as good as the books, i do love a good movie too every now and then and some of my favorite movies are christmas movies.

 Little women 1994

here is a list of our favorite movies we watch every year during this time:
  1. unaccompanied minors
  2. elf
  3. little women (1994 version)
  4. the holiday
  5. the santa claus 1,2 &3
  6. silver bells
  7. national lampoons christmas vacation
  8. home alone 1 & 2
  9. four christmases
  10. the polar express
  11. deck the halls
  12. christmas do-over
  13. christmas with the kranks
  14. scrooged
  15. a christmas story
  16. the nightmare before christmas
  17. how the grinch stole christmas (version with jim carrey)
  18. all i want for christmas (1991 movie with ethan embry)
  19. santa baby 1 & 2
  20. jack frost
  21. good luck charlie, it's christmas
  22. the ref
  23. trapped in paradise
  24. holiday in handcuff
  25. eight crazy nights

okay, so it's more than 25 if you count the movies that have sequels, but i don't because when they have a sequel, you just can't watch one without the rest. these are all movies we enjoy most, but there are, of course, so many more out there, not to mention some new ones that we haven't seen yet. we want to see fred claus and arthur christmas. have you seen them?

all of these movies can be found on imdb for more information and ratings. what is your favorite christmas movie? what are some other holiday movies you enjoy that aren't on this list?

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