Tuesday, November 27, 2012

are you an influenster?

i'm not just a mom of six, i am also interested in other things like food, fashion, beauty, music and movies. recently, i joined influenster, a great online community where i am able to share the latest news about all those topics i love, as well as share my thoughts and opinions about new products.  i love that i am able to get together with other like-minded individuals to gather inspiration and advice to help increase my scores on influenster. the more involvement i have with influenster, the more perks and opportunities i will gain.

sound confusing?

influenster isn't just about getting free products. it's about getting a chance to spread my knowledge about products, brands, and services, based on my influence online. remember me telling you all about my experience with crest 3D whitestrips? that was an awesome opportunity made possible through influenster. it's a great community to join and you should definitely check it out to learn more.

once you have read what influenster is all about, let me know if you are intersted in joining. i would love to send my most influential friends an invite!

November 2012

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