Saturday, November 3, 2012

elf on the shelf: round two

elf on the shelfokay, so halloween just ended, thanksgiving isn't even here yet, but that's okay... let's go ahead and start talking about christmas just for a second.

last year, for the first time ever, santa sent one of his helper elves jimmy down from the north pole to watch over phoenix, tyler, and elijah to make sure they were on their best behavior for santa. he watched over them during the day and reported back each night. sometimes he came back with some fun presents for us, and sometimes jimmy was a little bit naughty and got into trouble. however, jimmy did a great job keeping watch over my three youngest and did his best to report back as santa had asked. jimmy even left little reminders to be on our best behavior.

the whole idea of jimmy is to basically scare the crap out of your kid into thinking that if they are bad, santa isn't coming and they will get nothing for christmas.

so, now you're wondering... did jimmy work for us?

HELL NO! in fact, i am pretty sure there was an instance where phoenix and tyler had the world's youngest WWF smackdown right on the floor at jimmy's feet last year. they totally believe jimmy is real, but they just don't care. and of course, santa brought gifts anyways and no one learned a damn thing.

so here we are, november 2012, about to go into round two of the whole elf on the shelf thing and i just hope and pray that santa grows some balls this year and puts his foot down when it comes to misbehavior. ha, yeah right!

anyways, to prepare us for ol' jim-bo this year, i have created a santa letter letting phoenix, tyler, and elijah know that jimmy is coming early this year (not too early, just nov. 20). i created the letter in photoshop using this letterhead template and addressed it to our 3 littlest family members, preparing them for his arrival. i am gonna play this bastard up this year and all i gotta say is it better work!

jimmy letter from santa

i also found this huge list of 101 elf on the shelf ideas that are going to help jimmy "come to life" and hopefully see some positive feedback from my kids. i think it is important to use some of these ideas, or even some of your own to promote that your elf is "real"... kids are no fools, so if your elf is just sitting there, you better give him two shots of tequila and wake his ass up!

basically you just need to convince your kids they are crazy and that toys come to life when they aren't looking! soon they may think that the toy story movies are based on a true story. or, just make them watch the movie child's play and you may get a wish list full of books and clothes this christmas.

ha, ha, just kidding...don't do that!

for those of you who have an elf on the shelf, what did you name your elf? what are some of the ideas you have tried using to convince your kids that your elf is real?

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