Wednesday, November 7, 2012

fall photos of the oakley family

just me over here, pretending to be a photographer again.

i say that because there are so many people out there that are truly amazing photographers that do this for a living and work hard to uphold the image of a quality photographer who is hard working and dedicated to this job. there is a lot that goes into the process of great photos besides just snapping a photo and having it printed. so many people don't give those people the respect they deserve and i don't want to claim to be a professional when i know i have so much left to learn to be as great as they are.

i have total respect for photographers because it's not an easy job. sometimes i think that if i actually had to do this all the time, i just might grow to hate it because so much goes into it. however, there are some people out there that love what i do (you know, my friends and family) and i do this for them because i love photography regardless of how good i am.

fall photos_oakley_1

fall photos_oakley_2

fall photos_oakley_4

fall photos_oakley_3fall photos_oakley_7

fall photos_oakley_6

fall photos_oakley_8

fall photos_oakley_5

fall photos_oakley_10

fall photos_oakley_9

i had fun taking photos of this little family (they are friends of a friend), and maddison, their daughter is just too cute! they pretty much rock at knowing how to position themselves in photos because i gave almost no cues. 

everyone loves this park near my house for taking their photos. it's joyner park in wake forest for those that live in or around the raleigh, nc area. it is not a regular park, and i am pretty sure that it's setting was designed specifically for photographers (okay, maybe not, but it's an ideal spot for just about any kind of photo you want to take). every time i venture out there, there are literally tons of people having pictures taken.

November 2012

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